Old Tobacco Warehouse / Visitor’s Center

Built in 1766, this is one of the oldest surviving mercantile structures in America associated with the sale of tobacco. Before the emergence of the Scottish factors, tobacco and other crops were shipped directly from the large plantations to England in exchange for goods on the return voyage. The Scots established stores where the tobacco was exchanged immediately for cash and credit with which to purchase imported goods for sale. Today, the Old Tobacco Warehouse serves as the Town of Urbanna Visitor’s Center.

On display within this historic building is the historic John Mitchell’s Map and visitors will be able to view hand-made model boats. The Mitchell Map was used as a primary map source during the Treaty of Paris (1783) for defining the boundaries of the newly independent United States. It was in this context that John Mitchell made his map. His purpose was to present to the British public an image of all of the colonies so that the true scale and extent of the French threat could be exposed. He completed his first draft in 1750.

Friday and Saturday, come listen to the unique sounds of Robert Keyes (Multi-facet Solo finger style Guitarist).