November 1-2, 2024

Become A Sponsor

of The Urbanna Oyster Festival

As we look forward to our 66th anniversary, November 1 & 2, 2024, we turn to you, our community partners, to help us put on one of the best Oyster Festivals yet. Year after year we are humbled by the commitment of our volunteers, our vendors, our advocates, and you, our sponsors. Your love for this little town, and this big Festival, make our jobs well worth it. To see our town full of excitement and pride each November brings us joy and gives us motivation to keep working toward the next one. Your monetary support allows us to do things like bring in well-known or locally-grown bands, look out for the wellbeing and safety of our attendees, and put on events like the Antique Car Show and Saturday’s Oyster Festival Parade. It ensures our local schools and visitors alike are exposed to the importance of oysters and water-restoration to the local economy. It means high school seniors have financial support in pursuing higher education.

From the mission of the Urbanna Oyster Festival Foundation, partnering with us means you are aligned with:

• Providing cultural, educational and recreational events for the enjoyment of the community

• Provide leadership, education and training for festivals, event leaders and volunteers

• Promote an appreciation of the history, maritime tradition, and the seafood industry

• Provide a venue for fundraising for civic and non-profit organizations

• Encourage the participation of artists, writers, and craftsmen in festivals and other events

• Encourage involvement of educational organizations and other non-profit groups

• Enhance the quality of life of the local economy and promote visitation and economic development

We appreciate your consideration in partnering with the Urbanna Oyster Festival for our 66th anniversary. To ensure you get the most out of your sponsorship we would like to secure your placement by August 31, 2024.