November 1-2, 2024

The Urbanna Oyster Festival's

Oyster Festival Education Day

October 31, 2024
@ 2:00pm

The Oyster Festival Foundation has established the Marine Science Legacy Program as an educational outreach designed to bring an understanding of the Chesapeake Bay, its ecology, its history, its heritage, and its future to Middlesex County area students and as well as to the general public who attend the Urbanna Oyster Festival. The program provides active environmental learning through in-service opportunities, local field trips both on and off the water, and educational enrichment within the classroom and the school.

Through this program, 4th and 7th graders, as well as Middlesex High School students, attend on-the-water field trips with Chesapeake Bay Foundation.

Every Thursday before the Festival begins, Oyster Festival Education Day brings the expertise of local non-profit, government, and private organizations to local students with a focus on watershed science and history. It is a cooperative effort of the Marine Science Legacy Program, the Oyster Festival Waterfront Committee, and the Oyster Festival Foundation.

The featured programs for Education Day include the Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum’s sailing log bugeye Edna E. Lockwood and costumed historical interpretation of Urbanna’s Historical Tobacco Port by the Colonial Seaport Foundation.

Other Education Day exhibitors include: Living Classroom Foundation’s Mildred Belle, Reedville Fishermen’s Museum’s Claud W. Somers, Friends of the Rappahannock, Virginia Gamefish Tagging Program, Tidewater Soil Water and Natural Resources Conservation District, The Fairfield Foundation, Chesapeake Bay Governor’s School, Christchurch School, and Middlesex Elementary School

Chesapeake Bay Foundation Boat Trips and the Education Day featured exhibit are supported by a “License Plate Grant” from the Chesapeake Bay Restoration Fund which is financed through the purchase of Chesapeake Bay License Plates. Applications for the plates can be obtained at

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